Cosmetics Bags

Our Baxter & Cicero branded ladies’ canvas cosmetics bag is shown at right in the photo below. This bag is traditionally made of navy blue 100% cotton duck canvas with white piping; the bag stows nicely, looks good, and wears long. It’s also available in other colors to suit you. Cosmetics not included!

Nautical Theme Handbag

For a sailing date, this bag doubles as a small occasional ladies’ nautical theme purse or handbag, too.

Canvas toiletries and cosmetics bags

Canvas toiletries (at left) & cosmetics bags (at right)

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Ladies’ canvas cosmetics bag dimensions (inches)

Length Width Height SKU # Price (USD)
12″ 4″ 7″ BC-LC-xx Call

Nautical Terms for the Newbie

It’s good to have a basic understanding of what’s happening onboard, so here is a handy list of basic nautical words for those who have not seen them before.

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A place in which boats moor or dock.
Left when facing the front. Sidedness does not change based on one’s orientation aboard the vessel. The port side is the same side whether you’re facing forward or aft.
Right when facing the front, opposite the port side.
A relative position toward or beyond the starboard side.
The starboard side passes red buoys to starboard on return.
The front end of a boat.
The back end of a boat; opposite the bow.
The stern leads when the boat moves backwards.
In the direction beyond the stern.
When traveling forward, ships leave a wake astern.
A relative position toward, or beyond the bow; opposite of astern.
In the direction beyond the bow.
A relative position toward, or beyond the stern.
Relatively closer to the stern.
Please take the fenders aft to the cockpit.
The rudder is aft of the keel.
Positioned near the bow.
Relatively closer to the bow.
Please take this forward to the forward head.
A rope or line used to trim (pull in, let out) a sail.
Please pull in the mainsheet.
To trim or adjust the sail by manipulating the line that pulls it in.
Please sheet in the sail.
The toilet on a boat or ship.
The protective cushion–like object secured alongside a vessel at dock. NOT bumpers. Pull these up when underway!