Embroidered duffle bags

Custom embroidered duffel bags

We offer both standard embroidery and custom embroidery options. Our standard embroidery requires your choice of thread colors and font style shown below.

Our custom embroidery can replicate a wider range of thread colors and font styles than our standard embroidery offerings shown below. Custom embroidery is what you want when you need to embroider company logos, boat name graphics, club burgees and owner’s house flags.

One (1) straight line of standard embroidery is complimentary with your soft luggage or blade bag purchase.

Standard Embroidery Thread Colors

The pallette of colors available for our custom embroidery is wider than shown on this page. These are the colors available for standard embroidery work.

Standard Embroidery Thread Colors

Choose your standard embroidery thread color
White Royal Red Pink Yellow Gold

Standard Embroidery Fonts

Select Your Lettering Style

Common fonts for standard embroidery; these are actual examples of standard embroidery work:

Script embroidery font
Sans-Serif Block #1
Sans-serif Block #1 embroidery font
Serif Block #2
Serif block #2 embroidery font


Custom Embroidery – What is It?

embroidered captain's chair

Crash test dummy in embroidered captain’s chair

When a simple sail or hull number, name or initials in a basic font or thread color cannot communicate your message, our custom embroidery service may very well do so. For an additional fee, we can embroider many types of artwork and almost any font. Furthermore, a very wide range of thread colors is available for custom embroidery work.

Special events with their own graphics, yacht names, house flags with distinctive graphics, stylized monograms, and company logos are better replicated by custom embroidery. We will need you to provide the artwork you wish to reproduce in Windows bitmap (*.bmp) file format. Contact us to collaborate on your standard embroidery or custom embroidery project.

Custom Embroider Club Burgee and Owner’s House Flag

Club burgee and house flag embroidery

Club burgee and house flag embroidery

To embroider something other than a simple line of straight text, we start with your digital artwork file and your choices for thread colors.

Custom embroidery is rendering not just text in one of our basic fonts, but processing that digital artwork file, as artwork. For example, text on a curve, and non–text shapes, such as club burgees and owner’s house flags, can be rendered in this way.

We can, for example, embroider your club burgee and house flag on sheets, pillowcases, towels, or a canvas captain’s chair–back. See the custom embroidery examples on this page.