Prevent, Rid Mildew with Tea Tree Power

This all–natural product from Australia will help you stay on top of mildew in boat, home, or RV.

Mold & Odor Eliminator

Contact us to order some to freshen up your boat and keep mildew at bay.

  • All Natural Made With 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil
  • Degrades & Attacks Mold, Mildew, And Bacteria
  • Neutralizes & Eliminates Odors Safely & Naturally
  • Long Lasting-Protection Maintains Healthy Cabin Air

How to Clean Sunbrella

cleaning Sunbrella

Cleaning Sunbrella

From Sunbrella manufacturer Glen Raven, here is a link to information about caring for and cleaning Sunbrella products. The page offers information, videos, and *.pdf documents about maintaining upholstery, marine, and awning fabrics. For stain removal on Sunbrella, check out the stain removal tips page.

After a thorough cleaning, Glen Raven recommends 303 High Tech Fabric Guard as the preferred re–treatment product for Sunbrella fabrics. Its available for purchase at our shop.