MIL-SPEC Utility Rope Lanyards

We fabricate several types of utility lanyards in three–strand polyester line for diverse applications. Other types of line are available. Typical applications include:

Lanyard applications
Door pulls
Equipment handles
Equipment box handles
Lid handles
Connection for snap hooks
Connection for blocks
Lazy-jack systems
Tool lanyards
Weapons systems

Here is a just a sample of lanyards we fabricate. We can also fabricate other lanyards. Click the respective picture for more information about the lanyard.

Milspec lanyard 80180-219-1 Rev D

Lanyard 80180-219-1 Rev D

milspec lanyard 5336255-001

MIL–SPEC lanyard 5336255-001

Milspec lanyard 55253-1

Lanyard 55253-1