Tote Bags

Canvas Tote Bags and Ditty Bags

Using a canvas bag is an eco–friendly choice. The typical plastic shopping bag is used for only minutes, then clogs up a landfill, chokes a fish, a bird, or an engine cooling water intake, or, at best, consumes energy to recycle. Eliminate the need for thousands of plastic bags—buy a canvas bag! It’s the plastic bag alternative. Stronger than a plastic bag, too. Use a canvas tote bag for:

Tote bag and ditty bag

Tote bag (left) and ditty bag (right)

  • boat tote bags
  • beach bags
  • sales sample bags
  • reusable shopping bags
  • trade show totes
  • tool bags
  • book bags
  • ice carrying bags
  • more uses than you can shake a stick at!

Canvas tote bag dimensions (inches)

Model Length Width Height SKU # Price (USD)
Standard Tote Bag 13″ 4″ 12″ BC-ST-xx Call
Ice Tote Bag 10″ 10″ 10″ BC-IT-xx Call
XL Tote Bag 14″ 7″ 13″ BC-XT-xx Call

Ditty Bag

The drawstring ditty bag is decidedly low–tech yet well–suited for keeping together small kits for sail repair, dinghy repair, tools for going aloft, your lunch, and many other uses.

Canvas ditty bag dimensions (inches)

Length Width Height SKU # Price (USD)
6″ (round) 12″ BC-DD-xx Call

Styles and Colors Available

For canvas colors, thread colors, and embroidery styles, please click to the soft luggage styles page.