Contract Fabrication

Baxter & Cicero undertakes diverse projects such as:

  • natural cotton canvas products fabrication
  • synthetic canvas products fabrication
    • retail merchandising signage
  • synthetic fabrics products fabrication
  • synthetic sheet material products fabrication
  • marlinspike work
  • spliced rope fabrication
  • spliced line fabrication

We don’t make the materials, we make products from them; most of these products are available to the general public. We have worked on retail marketing signage, spliced multi–purpose utility lanyards, built a crash test dummy, even a portable clean room for F–22 engine mechanics! See below for more information on these custom fabrication projects.

Retail Marketing and Merchandising Signage

Retail display for Billabong, made of canvas

Canvas retail display – men’s wear

Canvas retail display for Billabong

Billabong custom retail signage on canvas

The photos show custom retail merchandising signage we recently completed for Billabong. They supplied the artwork printed on canvas; we finished the project by adding the canvas hanging loops, hemp–wrapped wood hanging bar, and, on the women’s wear piece, the bottom fringe. These retail marketing pieces benefit from our fabric, marlinspike, and sewing expertise.


MIL-SPEC Utility Rope Lanyards

MIL–SPEC lanyard 80180-219-1 Rev D

Lanyard 80180-219-1 Rev D

We fabricate lanyards for diverse applications. The lanyards shown on the site are just a sample of this type of product.

Lanyard applications
Door pulls
Equipment handles
Equipment box handles
Lid handles
Connection for snap hooks
Connection for blocks
Tool lanyards
Weapons systems

Click to see other examples of lanyards we fabricate.


Crash Test Dummy for Child Car Seat

embroidered captain's chair

Child–size crash test dummy

Baxter & Cicero fabricated this canvas crash test dummy for a firm testing a child car seat. We built the dummy to the firm’s specification, which included placing weights inside the dummy to approximate a child’s weight distribution.


Portable F–22 Engine Clean Room

Mechanics' portable clean room

Portable clean room for F-22 Raptor engine mechanics

This relatively inexpensive piece helps F–22 engine mechanics keep dust, dirt, debris away from critical tolerance machinery. Since it’s made of transparent synthetic material, this cover also gives mechanics an unobstructed view of the equipment.