Utility Lanyard Assembly with Rings

Lanyard assembly 80180-219-1 Rev D

Lanyard Assembly 80180-219-1 Rev D

A utility lanyard in three–strand polyester line; each end terminated with eye splice and stainless steel ring.

If your project has no formal specification or lanyard length shown below, order the lanyard length and ring sizes that work best for you. Typical lanyard lengths available:

  • Six (6) inch
  • Twelve (12) inch
  • Eighteen (18) inch
  • Twenty-eight (28) inch

Solid Attachment Rings – Not for Lifting

These are not split rings but solid stainless steel wire.

Stainless steel ring sizes

Diameter (inch) A (inch) Sizing Illustration
316 34
stainless steel ring size

Stainless steel ring size

316 1
316 1 14
14 1
14 1 12
516 1 12
516 2

This part may be ordered by standard MIL–SPEC part number from the list below or to your own specification of lanyard length, line type, line size, and ring size.

Utility lanyard assembly; spliced three–strand polyester line with stainless steel rings:
80180-219-1 Rev D
80180-219-2 Rev D